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Wednesday 22nd March 2023



Wednesday 22nd March 2023

11am LA - 2pm NYC - 6pm LON - 7pm PARIS -

11am LA - 2pm NYC - 6pm LON - 7pm PARIS

Michel Gondry
Speaker #1



Michel Gondry is known for his innovative and visionary approach to filmmaking. Michel has made significant contributions to the world of animation, most recently his music videos for Adan Jodorowsky ft. Beck's 'Chain Reactionary' and 'Model Village’ for IDLES. Each project uniquely showcases Michel's ability to blend different mediums and techniques to create visually stunning works.

Michel is renowned for his ability to bring surreal and imaginative concepts to life on screen, as seen in his music video for The White Stripes' 'Fell in Love with a Girl', which uses unique CG stop-motion effects developed by his frequent collaborator Olivier Gondry - a highly respected visual effects artist in his own right - working under the Twisted Labs banner.

Michel's creative voyage has resulted in some of the most visually stunning and innovative movies, music videos and commercials of recent years.

[IMDB Supercut]
[IDLES "Model Village"]
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 4.25.54 PM.png
[Adan Jodorowsky ft. Beck's "Chain Reactionary"]

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[LOUIS VUITTON Menswear Show]
[MGM   “Las Vegas Love Stories” ]
[THE WHITE STRIPES  “Fell In Love With A Girl” ]
Art Camp
Speaker #2



Art Camp is a multidisciplinary studio in Brooklyn founded by Santiago Carrasquilla and Jos Diaz Contreras. The pair met on The Happy Film, a design documentary by Stefan Sagmeister, and continued working together at the intersection of filmmaking and design.

Art Camp has focused on projects that blur the boundaries between visual disciplines, creating unique genre-bending videos for musicians including U2, Mitski and Thom Yorke. They are constantly investigating new methods for transforming images and creating emotional experiences for viewers. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Rolling Stone, NPR and Adweek, recognized by The Art Director’s’ Club, Vimeo’s Staff Picks and D&AD, and exhibited at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Museum of Design Atlanta. Their music video for Mitski ‘A Pearl’ was recently given the Special Jury Recognition Award for Animation at the 2020 SxSW competition.

Art Camp's goal is to reach hearts, feel deeper, see differently and hear in new ways.

[BRIGHT EYES "Mariana Trench"]
[BOYZ NOIZE X Kelsey Lu "Ride Or Die"|
[AMBER MARK "Out Of This World"]
Speaker #3



We challenged the prolific creator and intrepid intellect,  Lauren Indovina, who recently partnered with Partizan and director Pete Candeland on an animation series, to kick off the Amuse Bouche series.  Lauren set her own terms to engage in a creative process that she was eager to tackle. 


Lauren set out on a 5 day experiment using AI and Unreal to create a film noir surreal narrative.  By imposing certain constraints of time and her own capacity to create all assets, she desired to learn new tools and bend them to her voice.  In the short space of a few days, Lauren yielded dynamic creative development and a rich body of material.  In the spirit of education, inspiration, and being unafraid to fail, she is preparing these materials for a  show & tell.  The originating brief and aspiration has morphed into a more extended deep dive exploring the utility of AI as an artist tool blending hand drawn assets and intellectual prompts with more desired intention.  The process and products illuminate compelling value in the developing technology and also reiterates the importance and irreplaceable value of an Artist’s vision, voice, and intent at the helm.  


Lauren’s show and tell will kick off our internally facing experiment.  


We invite you to join us on this journey...

Lauren Indovina
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